NUTRITIONAL THERAPY 1:1 consultations via Zoom or in Clinic

Initial Consultation: £89

This includes an in-depth delve into your presenting symptoms.  It will take about 1hour. I will ask about all body-systems to enable me to build a picture of your health status and root causes to your symptoms/illness.  

We will then meet later so that I can deliver a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan, which may also include quality supplement advice and recipe ideas.   I may suggest referral to your doctor for tests or suggest private testing.   I can also answer any further questions you have. This will take approximately 30mins.

Prior to your appointment, I will ask you to complete a 3-4 day food diary, and also a short  pre-consult questionnaire.  You will receive a copy of my terms and conditions and privacy policy details.

Follow-up Consultations: £49

After 4-6 weeks, following the protocol, we meet again to review your progress and discuss any new symptoms.  I will then give some further recommendations.    This consult will take about 30-45mins.