What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is relaxing, but is more geared towards offering treatment for chronic complaints such as headaches and back aches and injuries. Unlike a massage you might receive at a day spa, which might not be very specific and uses lighter movements, therapeutic massage will use deep tissue massage techniques and trigger point therapy. The ultimate aim is to relax you but also really work on problem areas.

What is Sport & Remedial Massage?

Sports Massage is for ANYONE, not just those doing sports. It can be more specific than Therapeutic Massage, focusing on a particular area, but still uses some similar techniques. Sports Massage should NOT be painful. All massage is geared to the comfort zone of each individual. My aim is to relax you, not tense you up.

How will massage benefit you?

Massage can benefit EVERYONE with muscle and joint problems, injuries, aches, or tension, or purely for the psychological and physiological benefits.

  • Used as part of a rehabilitation programme, it will speed up the recovery process on acute or chronic muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

  • Alongside a stretching and cool down programme, post-event massage can help reduce muscle spasm and build-up of lactic acid, and enhance relaxation and recovery from training and events

  • stimulates circulation assisting delivery of nutrients and oxygen

  • reduces lactic acid by the removal of Carbon Dioxide and build up of waste products in overworked muscles

  • by draining away lymph fluid it can aid in the prevention of scar tissue formation

  • improves posture and body awareness. You can learn where you hold tension and then we can work out its causes and therefore prevent further pain or injury in the future

  • effective in stress control and for relaxation

  • lowers blood pressure

  • massage can be seen as an essential part of our well being, along with a good diet and exercise.

  • touch has a healing effect

  • Sports massage aims to aid athletes to full and speedy recovery from injury.  

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