Check out who is STOPPING 4 MASSAGE:

Professional and elite athletes make massage an essential part of their training and competition regimen. The Beijing Olympics brought a lot of attention to athletes who get regular massage. Swimmer Dara Torres, has massage three times a week plus assisted stretching every day.

REMEMBER: You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from massage!  ANYONE can benefit!

• Dara Torres:

"Torres books a massage three times a week..."

"Torres obsessively follows a regimented recovery schedule of eating, drinking, stretching and massage."

• Michael Phelps:

"I have been getting two massages a day and ice baths," Phelps said.

 • Lolo Jones:

"A businessman needs a laptop. Athletes need massages and the right diet." 

• Kerri Walsh:

"I am a big believer in massage to help get circulation to injured areas."